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MD School Management Software brings the best of technology to provide 360 degree experience to schools which not only improves productivity of administrative staff but improves experience and productivity of all the stakeholders- principal, management, teachers, administration staff, students and parents.

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In the yearly plan, our minimum price for a starter package starts from 10 thousand PKR per year, depending on the number of students you have in your institute.



We have all kinds of exclusive school management software pricing packages that enable you to choose the one that fits your needs. If you are not sure which school management software pricing package is best for you, you can choose our plan.

In today's time every school around the world needs one or other kind of School Management Sytem or which is called as School Management Software. Most of the schools have experienced one or other kind of system, however due to limitations of features, product experience or customer support problems they end up looking for better options..

Key Features for Management

A system which is designed by working with 1000s of education professionals, teachers and administration staff to deliver best of technology.

  • Management Dashboard.
  • Data analysis and reports Class wise performance tracking Teachers activity analysis.
  • Inquiries and admission tracking.
  • Student profile tracking for parent's meet / key inputs.
  • Teachers activity analysis.
  • Class wise performance tracking
  • Data analysis and reports
  • Lesson progress tracking.
  • Fees and financial data analysis.
  • Quick communication Staff records tracking
  • Inquiries and admission tracking.
  • Student profile tracking for parent's meet / key inputs.
  • Attendance and leave management
  • Concerned student details access
Having a dynamic system with a bird view of data and reports can give next level of power and quickness in decision-making for principal or management person. MD School Management provides extra ordinary Management Dashboard and data reporting functions along with dynamic access rights mechanism which becomes a blessing for management personnel..

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